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Why your SaaS needs the Net Promoter Score to measure customer satisfaction

Red or blue pill?

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When Neo took the red pill he forgave the “ignorance of illusion” of the fabricated reality of the Matrix in favor of “truth of reality” — even though it was a harsher, more difficult life. This is exactly how I feel towards SaaS companies that have embraced the Net Promoter Scoresm (NPS┬«) – they really want to grow by diving into the customer experience and grasping the true feelings of their clients.


You are probably thinking that you already measure customer sentiment: “but I already have Google Analytics installed on my site – I already know my customer behavior.” Ok – that’s the blue pill, ESP, denial, whatever you wanna call it. You should be thinking: “we consistently use a formal process for measuring customers satisfaction & loyalty”. (read more)

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Hi, we just arrived to help you measure customer satisfaction on your website, SaaS product, or ecommerce store.

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