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Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Google Analytics

We are in the age of data-driven decisions (or at least data-influenced) – and every website should rely on analytics as a source of information to drive strategy. You – or someone on your team – probably interacts with Google Analytics multiple times a week, slicing and dicing visitor behavior data trying to uncover insights. You want to know how to improve your business to generate more conversions. An automatic integration of Net Promoter Score for Google Analytics makes it easy to connect what your visitors are doing with why they are doing it. The vast amount of reports, drill-downs, cohorts and dashboards Google Analytics offers may bring golden nuggets of information that can change the future of your website.        BUT  .  .  . Remember though, all of these stats are behavior-based, and we don’t really know if the customer is happy or upset – and most importantly: WHY. ...   (read more)

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